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Katrien Voorspoels
Coaching & more

"Leaders either learn to cross the threshold and thrive in these transformational times or they struggle, stress and strain with out-dated approaches, methods and mind-sets."

- Giles Hutchins


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Stress & Burnout als opportuniteit
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Stress & Burnout
as an opportunity

The waves are not the problem
you can learn to surf (better)!

Your company experiences (too much) stress.
Your employees are reaching a limit 
or are crossed that line already.
You want change, but also progress.
You're not looking for a quick fix
but sustainability.

Sounds familiar? 
I am happy to help you
making stress todays opportunity.

Learn to learn from stress!

Photo: Tim Marshall via Unsplash


The employee who invests in himself, who follows his (growth) path and that based on a conscious choice is resilient and reliable.

Keeping professionals skilled and motivated

requires a nice and constant learning curve

tailore made to everyone's growth.  


Coaching is a powerful tool

to support people in

growth, change and learning.


My approach is solution-oriented, at the coachee's pace

and with an eye for what is needed.

You can expect insight and inspiration, but also an invitation to take matters into your own hands.

Photo: Ashley Batz via Unsplash

Procesbegeleiding & conflictresolutie

A group of people working together, making decisions,
dealing with tension and resolving conflict ...

That doesn't always happen automatically.

And yet dialogue and togetherness is so
what makes us human.

Maybe we drifted away from that?

Process facilitation is of uge support in all these topics.

Using the tools of Deep Democracy and Systemic framing to guide your group process .

It's your content to deal with. I will support what is needed

to keep the conversation going and learn from the friction.

Photo: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Process facilitation
& conflict resolution

The larger goal of Deep Democracy is not me changing you and you changing me.

But we learn how to relate.

- A. Mindell

Training & Workshops
& workshops

Everything always comes down to skills  

That is a hopeful fact;

so you can learn it!

Grow as a company

and so, let your employees grow.  

Training is always tailor-made.


A selection from what I have to offer:

stress skills, stress @ work for managers,
non violent communication, leadership in demanding times,
self-management as a team, ...

You can expect quality and expertise

but above all an interactive training that ensures you

you and your crew will work differently
starting tomorrow.

Photo: Matt Hoffman via Unsplash


We are all searching.  

Together we go further than alone  

and we tap into our collective potential

Keeping professionals skilled and motivated

and keep integrating what they've learned,

requires a nice and constant learning curve

tailore made to everyone's growth.  


Supervision is a powerful tool

to support people in growth, change and learning.

Working with your own work practice and cases

(and learn from each other)

the ripple effect in the organization is huge.

Photo: Kraken Images via Unsplash


Go for the combination and the route

that works for your organization!

Tailor made is key in all my projects.

Moving along with what presents itself
and feeling what is needed are my greatest qualities.


If you opt for a project-based approach, you work thoughtfully and systematically. You involve everyone at every step
and you deploy those solutions that we know work.

We will adjust what doesn't work.

Go for a combination of what I have to offer.

I'd love to walk along with you!

Ask me your question, present me your problem... together we will look for a tailor-made solution. 

Photo: Sunbeam via Unsplash


An organization I S it's people . People who shape the organization, put it out there into the world
and take it into the future.
They do this every day: by being who they are, by their personal mission in life and work, and by the task and role given.
With this we spread the role of leadership.

A lot is needed to achieve a healthy and effective organization. It is a workplace where people can be themselves, can grow and rise above themselves, grow and learn, all this ... together.


By making contact with the core;
your core as an individual and your core as an organization
you set up your sustainable development.


'On a mission' will help you on your way!

Photo: Cullan Smith via Unsplash

WWW organisatieontwikkeling.png

Making contact with the organizations core sets you up for sustainability
and being future fit. 

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