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Burnout requires expertise and specific guidance.

how i work

What makes my way of working so unique and effective!


What does a route cost?


Practical information.

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Burnout or stress-related complaints

require specific guidance.

what is counseling in burnout?

Burnt-out. That is only possible if you have been on fire first. Either through passion and drive. Either through overload and too much pressure and stress.  


My neurobiological approach - the brain is central - helps us focus on what is needed.

We bring head, heart, breath and body back into contact with each other.  

In this trajectory we go through 4 phases very specifically: stabilization, relaxation, activation and patterns . 

I give you the chance of a valuable recovery with minimal chance of recurrence.  

As a certified walking coach I set you in motion and use nature to support our sessions.

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how i work

What my way of working

so unique and effective!

how do I approach burnout counseling?

A recovery from burnout manifests itself in different phases. First there is a need  stabilization . Nothing more than that. The body suffered trauma and damage and lost confidence. Stabilization is necessary to be able to observe, look and talk again. 

Only after the stabilization phase can you work on disconnecting and relaxing , doing what feels good. We bring structure to your day and your life; help you notice and deal with triggers in an effective way. Healthy living is given more depth and is closely monitored in consultation with your GP. 

Only when your system has recovered sufficiently and remains stable will we work on activation and (re)orientation. 

Finally, we zoom in on your (impeding) patterns . Understanding and eliminating destructive patterns is necessary to prevent relapse. 

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What does a counseling process cost?

how much does a counseling process cost?

A trajectory usually consists of 4 to 7 sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours.

Working on patterns starts with a workshop (3 hours) followed by one or two follow-up sessions.  

We determine together what is needed, what is the best frequency for you, etc.  

Hourly rate:  €60/h excl. VAT*

* excl. introductory meeting (0.5h - free)

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Practical information

practical information

Coaching sessions in the context of burnout always take place in real life  by means of.  

Allow yourself the support of nature! To really relax we need nature: her capriciousness, unpredictability, tranquility and all her metaphors.

A burnout trajectory usually consists of walking coaching in the first sessions. It helps stabilize you (and your brain). This is necessary in order to work. An overtriggered brain or stress brain cannot be coached. 

The workshop in Pattern Work is also based on nature coaching


My practice is located in Deurne, Antwerp.

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