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Katrien Voorspoels
Coaching & more

"The sun is always shining,

sometimes there is just a cloud covering it. "


About Katrien

I am Katrien, Mauro's mam, coach, tango dancer and stress chick. Open hearted, in touch with life, I try to move along with what comes along. Engagement and together is my code of conduct.

In finding my way as an entrepreneur and trying to be an authentic, connected mom and partner.; my network is my cradle. I like to connect with people.


As a coach I have been a guide for people for a while now; people trying to find their way in taking the turbulent waves of life . My trajectory as a coach, facilitator and HR consultant provides me with a well-filled backpack.

I work with what shows: your question, what you encounter and what you want to grow in, determine our trajectory. My approach is solution-oriented, at your pace and with an eye for what is needed.

You can expect insights and inspiration and the invitation to take matters into your own hands. I teach you to be in touch with yourself and what is important. So that you are able to do what it takes... 

"My approach is solution-oriented,

at your pace

and with an eye for what is needed."

But above all I am an expert in Living Life with capital 'L'.

About 25 years ago my search for a different way of living began. Stress is a common thread through my life, my passionate temperament and great sensitivity often cause me to run like a headless chick...


My burnout in 2008 marked a major turning point; my life is never as before, and that's for the better! It is still a path of trial and error; I understand struggling and messing up like no other ... but I also know from experience what does work and what made my way of dealing with things different than before.


The heart, the breath and the body find their connection through mindfulness- and selfcompassiontraining, meditation, yoga and dancing.

I enjoy being with friends and live life to the full with my son & wife.


In companies I work topics such as well-being, stress, conflict, career and leadership. I offer what no one brings; my personal and no-nonsense approach ensure that I deliver tailor-made solutions like no other. At the pace of you, your team and the organization.

Would you like to know more about my educational background and professional trajectory? Then take a look at my LinkedIn page or take a deep dive into my English Resume

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