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What is intervision
(and what isn't)?

how i work

What makes my way of working so unique and effective!


What does a route cost?


Practical information

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What is intervision

(and what isn't)?

Each individual perspective opens a unique view of a greater reality. When I see the world through your eyes and you see the world through mine, we'll both discover something that we would never have discovered alone.
- Peter Senge

what is interview?

Intervision is a facilitated conversation between professionals. On the basis of a case study or a common theme, insight is gained into the  own functioning . The contributor plays an active role in the conversation and determines what he/she takes with him as valuable for his/her professional growth.  

It is therefore not a question of finding a solution to a presented problem. That is of course a good thing. But the goal is that you are encouraged to look (differently) at yourself and your functioning. From your comfort zone to your learning zone...  

Intervision can be offered in an existing team or a newly composed group (cross-departmental or organizational).

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how i work

What my way of working

so unique and effective!

how do I approach intervision?

When it comes to intervision (or any group process as far as I'm concerned) I'm proud of it  to check in . How we sit today determines how our session will go.

Do you have a question, a problem or do you want to work with something that happened to you, then you bring it as a 'case'. The group asks clarifying questions * to get a clear picture of the situation, (your) context and you as a professional. 

You then formulate your question or expectation to the group. 

We will work on your case together: you will receive questions that you no longer ask yourself, feedback  and sounding board . Finally, you are invited to put down in a very targeted manner what you will continue to work on.

(and we'll talk to you about it next session!)

During the entire session I watch over the conversation; is a question clarifying* or suggestive? which advice is helpful and which is not? 

I discuss the sessions with substantive input where necessary. We all learn about listening and (connecting) speaking and building a vision of professional leadership. 

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What does intervision cost?

how much does an interview cost?

An intervision process consists of (min.) 4 sessions (1 half day - 3 hours) per year. 

The group consists of max. 6 professionals and is always maintained during the process.  

cross-organisation: € 2100 - € 525/pc* (all in)

* divided by number of dlnrs - invoice per participant  

Put together your own group and get a 10% discount!

As a company, do you want to offer this kind of process 'in house'?

Contact me without obligation for a quote!

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Practical information

and partners

practical information

It's up to you!

Are you interested? Then contact me without obligation. I help find a suitable composition of the group or launch a call.

If you put together a group - of max. 6 professionals - you will receive a 10% discount!


As a facilitator I work together with the Institute for Sustainable Working, a recognized service provider for the SME portfolio.

Look  here  for more information and find out why we as partners are such a good fit...  

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