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What is career coaching (and what isn't)?

how i work

What makes my way of working so unique and effective!


What does a route cost?


Practical information and partners

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What is career coaching (and what isn't)?

what is career coaching?

Career coaching strives to help you find your way if you have questions about your current professional situation. Career coaching can lead to a job switch, but that is not always the case.  

It mainly makes you think through your (professional) life: is this what I want?
It helps you formulate an answer to this (existential) question in a way that you know what you have to do if you want to take a step towards change.

As an individual, you take the initiative to start a career coaching process. This method is also used in companies to support professionals in their career planning. 

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how i work

What makes my way of working

so unique and effective!

Is there magic involved in career coaching?
Let me tell you about
how I work.
Because if I could do magic... 

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how do I approach career counseling?

Career coaching is a trajectory in which you start the process of thinking about yourself, about what is needed for you to have a good life and in all of this it's target is to put you into action.  

Entering into such a process requires courage and commitment . Following a career path with me is a positive, inspiring and enthusing affair. It's up to you to get the most out of it!

I help you clarify what you need to be able to go full steam ahead. As a result you'll feel the commitment to go and create exactly that!

You will end up with a checklist (things you don't want to negotiate in anymore!), a clear goal ... but above all the pleasure in continuing your growth journey. Because you have also understood that life goes on and on and you continue to grow, from one job to another. Each time an experience richer.  

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What does career coaching cost?

how much does career coaching cost?

A trajectory consists of at least 4 hours of coaching. 

Career coaching can be paid for with career vouchers "loopbaancheques" (funded by the Flemish government - VDAB).

If you are no longer eligible for career vouchers, we work at my normal hourly rate.  

With career vouchers VDAB: €40 per voucher*

Without career vouchers: €60/h excl. VAT*

* excl. introductory meeting (0.5h - free)


Connection 4 Balance
measurement at the start of every career path!

instant overview of what you encounter
productivity, motivation, energy loss,
risk of burnout, ...

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Practical information and partners

practical information

Career Vouchers "loopbaancheques VDAB"

The VDAB loopbaancheque includes a trajectory of 5 sessions (4.5 hours), of which the free intake is online (0.5 hours).  The second loopbaancheque gives you a tailor-made follow-up (3 hours).  

You request your loopbaancheque on the website of the  VDAB . There you will also find all the detailed information about the system.  


Career Center

As a career coach I partner with the Institute for Sustainable Working. This certified career center provides me the mandate to work with the VDAB career vouchers "loopbaancheques".

Click here for more information and find out why we as partners are such a good fit... 

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